Monday, September 13, 2010

History Of Logan County West Virginia

The History of Logan County....Updated...Now Available

The "History of Logan County" was originally written by Henry Clay Ragland about the year 1896. Notes by additional historians and genealogists have been added. All proceeds from the first printing of this book will be donated to the Logan County Historical Society and the Logan County Landmark Commission to purchase a statue in the likeness of Chief John Logan. First printing, 1996.

"The History of Logan County" can be ordered from:

* Chamber of Commerce, 214 Stratton Street, Logan, WV 25601, Phone Number: (304) 752-1324.
* Price is $15 plus $1.50 shipping

I am interested in Logan County because my Dad was born there and my Mom and Dad were both raised there. I think it's time to simply order a copy of my own, instead of reading bits and pieces from online sources. If any of my readers are interested in Logan County West Virginia, here is the information for requesting a copy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Genealogy Blogging For Family Relations

Tomorrow I will be teaching a beginner's genealogy blogging course at a local family history conference. I certainly don't feel like an expert, but I do love genealogy blogs and the wonderful way they can connect family members together!
My focus will be on making sure each newbie blogger knows how to label their posts, how to set up their sidebar gadgets to help readers find family research information quickly, and how to make sure they have maximum SEO (search engine optimization) to help google and other browsers find their blog articles quickly.
Wish me luck! I always learn more than I teach when I do a class of this kind. Hopefully I can bring some of that new knowledge to my blog next week.