Sunday, August 1, 2010

George Walton - Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Every family tree seems to contain a few illustrious members in addition to the assortment of colorful characters that populate the twigs as well. My Walton family includes one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, George Walton. Here is how I am related:

My great great great Grandfather was Augustus George Walton, b. 8 Jun 1782 in Georgia. His Dad was Robert Walton, son of George Walton and Martha Hughes. George's brother was Robert Walton who married Mary Sarah Hughes (sister of Martha). George was the uncle to Robert and Mary Sarah Walton's son, George "The Signer" Walton. In fact, they raised George "The Signer" when his father Robert passed away around 1750.

So... George "The Signer" Walton is uncle to my ancestor, August George Walton!

You can read more about George on Wikipedia here: George Walton on Wiki
AND, I just found out that he is interred in the Signer's Monument in Augusta Georgia, very near where my son will son be stationed in the Army at Fort Gordon. A visit to George "The Signer's" resting place is definitely on our trip list for next year.

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  1. Would love to know name of George, The Signer's mother.