Sunday, May 24, 2009

Victoria McCoy Hobbs

My Great Grandmother was Victoria McCoy Hobbs, b. 1867 KY or VA, d. 1935 WV. She was related to the famous McCoy family known best for the Hatfield-McCoy feuding in WV and KY, and actually saw some of the feud killings take place when she was a girl.
Here is the only photo I have of Victoria; she is pictured with daughter in law Ethel Sansom Hobbs (my grandmother), and grandsons Hibbert, Herbert and Herman Hobbs.

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  1. Wow, your family seems really fascinating. Possible counterfeiters, Hatfield-McCoys! So your dad was a twin and you have twins too (I read your pregnancy blog)? My mom is a twin, and my future father-in-law is a twin. My mom's great-grandmother (her mom's mom's mom) was also a twin, which makes me think it runs in my maternal line.