Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome To My Genealogy Blog

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to teach a class on genealogy blogging. The only problem? I haven't done any genealogy blogging! Now I've blogged plenty for my business, but genealogy - nope. So began some internet research time on what kind of blogs are out there, and just how people are using them to share their genealogy with other researchers.
I found a myriad of blogs to choose from - some big, some small, some started and forgotten. Some that have photos and document images, some that contain travel logs of genealogy trips, some that just contain the ramblings of excited genealogy addicts that want a place to share their latest find.

It got ME excited too, and I realized I had been missing out on a great way to share my own research and to keep myself motivated to work harder on genealogy.


Now that you're here, what can you expect to find in my blog?

  • Posts about my family lines and researach
  • Posts about genealogy trips I've taken
  • Links to genealogy blogs I read
  • Resources for the genealogist

    So hang on to your hats and stay with me! I promise you'll find out all kinds of great stuff about Nina's genealogy as I blog away and share my years of research with you.
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