Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meadow Garden - Home Of George Walton Signer Of The Declaration Of Independence

On our first trip to Georgia in February to see our son at Fort Gordon, he took us to visit the riverfront area for some sightseeing. On the way we crossed over a road named Walton Way. My 'genealogy ears' perked up because I knew that we had Walton connections to Augusta back during the Revolutionary War era. My son pulled out his handy smartphone and checked some things, and found that on Walton Way is the old restored home of George Walton, signer of the Declaration Of Independence, and my great great great uncle. We stopped by and the house was closed but decided that we would for sure visit it on our next Georgia trip.
My son and his family went to tour the home a couple of times and then last month my husband and I went to visit our son Easter and were able to take a tour of the home, given by a sweet volunteer member of the DAR, who maintain the home.
George Walton was raised by his uncle and aunt George Walton and Martha Hughes Walton, my direct ancestor. It was wonderful to walk through his home and see a picture on the wall of Martha Hughes, my great great great great(?)Grandmother! I think this is the first time I have ever stood in an 'ancestor's' home and it was a wonderful feeling of connection with our familys' past. Here is a photo of us at the home that day:

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